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What to Pack

Dress Code

Suggested dress code for the conference is business casual attire. Conference activities involve sitting for general sessions and workshops in classrooms, walking around to explore Exhibitions and cooking with Culinary Institute of America faculty for workshops in the Hestan Kitchen. Northern California experiences rain in the spring at times, so you may want to bring an umbrella to protect yourself from the elements. Our building is often quirky about temperatures in classroom and lecture spaces both large and small. Please bear with us, and come prepared with layers for warmer and cooler environments so that you can adjust your own temperature accordingly.  Please note that flat, rubber soled, closed toe shoes and full length pants are required for conference attendees participating in the culinary workshops in the Hestan Kitchen.


Water Bottles

In an attempt to be environmentally conscious, we will not distribute water in disposable bottles. We suggest that you bring your own favorite reusable water bottle to fill from the bubblers onsite, so that you can stay hydrated throughout the conference.